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LEAP Spring 2016 Humanities, Dr. Ownby: Home

Researching Native American events and issues.


My name is Linda St. Clair, and I am your LEAP class librarian . I am happy to assist you with your research, and I look forward to working with each of you! Let's plan on making individual appointments with one another.  

Using To secure access to subscription resources at the Marriott Library, you may also wish to use the campus VPN.

Help is available at the Knowledge Commons, level 2, if you have any questions or problems with the process.

Humanities Focus

Because this is a humanities-focused semester, we will be using specialized humanities databases.

Free Workshops at the Library


What is the Invisible Web?

Course Learning Objectives

LEAP students will:

    • become familiar with the physical layout and library services in order to know where to find information and where they may go for help.
    • be able to access library materials in print or online format in order to successfully locate materials.
    • be able to describe the publishing cycle in order to effectively identify appropriate resources for individual or group research projects.
    • be able to distinguish between various formats of information in order to access appropriate resources.
    • understand the difference between scholarly and popular resources in order to select appropriate resources for projects.
    • be able to use basic and advanced search strategies including Boolean operators, truncation, wild cards to able to create effective search statements in order to find relevant information on their topic using online catalogs, article databases and search engines.
    • be introduced to basic concepts of record structure in order to develop an elementary understanding of the fundamentals of author, title, subject, and keyword searching and the impact on effective resource discovery*.
    • learn evaluation strategies for Web resources in order to be able to identify quality Web sites and pages.
    • understand the "code of student rights and responsibilities" in order to give proper credit to authors and avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism.


Donna Ziegenfuss
Marriott Library

1st Floor Library
Room 1726H
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This page allows patrons to send PDFs from their wireless devices to the Marriott Library and Student Computing Labs print queues. For other file types, you can convert your file to a PDF first.

Measuring What You Learn in LEAP

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