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Updating Links in Libguides: Fixing Book and Journal links in LibGuides

Finding broken links in LibGuides

1. Go the LibGuides page through the library homepage. Log in at the bottom of the screen by clicking on Login to LibApps

2. Enter your login information

3. Go up to the yellow ribbon along the top of the screen and click on the Tools dropdown menu.

4. Choose the Link Checker from the Tools dropdown.


5. Type your name in the search box by the owner heading. This will bring up all of the broken links in your guides. If you want, print this page out so that you can easily see it, or open up LibGuides in a second window.

6. Click on the Home button on the yellow ribbon. Choose the guide you want to fix under the Edit Existing Guide dropdown menu.

7.  Now, go to the library catalog in a different window. Search for the item. When you find it, click on the Details button underneath the record. Then, click on the red Actions link and choose Permalink from the dropdown menu.


8. Copy the permalink.

9. Go to the link you want to fix in the guide. There should be a small icon next to the link that you can click on to edit it. Click on the icon and then choose edit from the dropdown menu.


10. Then, paste the new link into the URL box and click Save. Then, your link is updated.


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