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LEAP with Dr. White and Dale Larsen: History

This is a course-specific guide supporting Dr. Mike White's LEAP classes with librarian Dale Larsen

History -and how to work the angle

...written history is a dialogue among historians, not only about what happened but about why and how events unfolded.  The study of history is not only remembering answers. It requires following and evaluating arguments and arriving at usable, even if tentative, conclusions based on the available evidence.

Writing Tip!: Compare and contrast differing sets of ideas, values, personalities, behaviors, and institutions by identifying likenesses and differences, intentions, values, ideas, beliefs, interests, hopes, strengths/weaknesses, and fears.

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Web/Wikipedia look up -1920s (what was going on, what had recently affected the U.S.?)

America: History & Life
Historical Abstracts


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