Qualitative Research and NiVivo: NVivo How-To Guide

This library guide will contain workshop resources for workshops

Welcome to the NVivo Workshop Guide

This guide will contain resources for using the qualitative research software, NVivo for data analysis. This software can help you organize, code and manage your data as well as help with the analysis through visualization, memoing and reporting features, but the hard work of sorting through data still rest on the shoulders of the researcher(s). The bigger your research project, the more you will benefit from the NVivo environment. This is a complex software and therefore workshops will be divided into basic and advanced sessions.

Information on how to download software you will need to use NVivo software remotely (both PC and MAC)

By the end of the Basic or Introductory Workshop you will have:

  • Explored the potential of NVivo by browsing the sample project
  • Utilized the NVivo workspace to import, organize and classify sources
  • Begun the process of coding and developing nodes
  • Reviewed examples of visual ways to present your data and nodes


NVivo Tutorials and Resources


The vendor QSR International that has developed NVivo, has some excellent resources for you as you learn NVivo. We have NVivo 9, so select that as an option from the pull down box to see the list of resources. They have what they call what they call FAQs (short articles about specific features), animated tutorials (on a variety of features and processes), Nvivo for MAC help page, NVivo for PC Help and a getting started for NVivo 12 PC and  NVivo MAC for download. Free webinars on NVivo.

Here are a few that I found helpful:

Subject Guide

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