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Community Reads

Community Reads are partnerships between Eccles Health Sciences Library and the Office of Health Equity. Diversity & Inclusion (UHealth OHEDI).

The Book

Book Reviews

Book Review  ALTER-European Journal of Disability Research/ Revue Europeenne de Recherche sur le Handicap. Vol. 11 (3). July-September 2017. 208-209.

Book Review   Temple University Press. Barriers and Belonging: Personal Narratives of Disability. Retrieved from

Book Review  Hutchinson, I. (2017). Barriers and belonging: Personal narratives of disability. Journal of Sociology Social Welfare 44(2), 177-179

Book Review Barriers and Belonging (Michelle Jarman, Leila Monaghan and Alson Quaggin Harkin). Reviewed by Michael Northen

Author Presentations/Videos


Disabilities as Specializations University of Utah Health Equity & Inclusion  (Sep. 08, 2017)  I Video I

Dr. Leila Monaghan teaches linguistic and cultural anthropology at Northern Arizona University. Her research interests are broad and include the history of Deaf communities, the impact of HIV/AIDS, the narrative construction of disability, and the role of Native women in the Plains Indian Wars. Co-edited books include Many Ways to be Deaf, and Barriers and Belonging: Personal Narratives of Disability. She visited the University of Utah on September 8th to give a talk titled "Disabilities and Specializations."


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