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Community Reads

Community Reads are partnerships between Eccles Health Sciences Library and the Office of Health Equity. Diversity & Inclusion (UHealth OHEDI).

The Book

About the Editor and the Authors

About the Editor

Zena Sharman is a Canadian health researcher and writer, who won the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Anthology at the 29th Lambda Literary Awards in 2017 for The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care. 

Full Bio

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

Zena Sharman on making health care more inclusive

About the Authors

More than thirty authors from across North America share their experiences in The Remedy, each essay or poem or drawing a testament to the lifesaving necessity of queer and trans stories. These stories are interspersed with short profiles on a handful of innovative queer and trans health programs and projects, in an effort to highlight some of the oustanding work being done by and with queer and trans stories. These Stories are interspersed with short profiles on a handful of innovative queer and trans health programs and projects, in an effort to highlight some of the outstanding work being done by and with queer and trans communities.

Vivek Shraya

An artist whose body of work crosses the boundaries of music, listerature, visual art, and film.

Sean Saifa Wall

An intersex activist, collage artist and public health researcher based in Atlanta GA.

Sand C. Chang

Licensed Psychologist, Certified EMDR Therapist, and Gender Therapist/Specialist with more than 15 years of experience providing training and mental health services. My work as a clinician, educator/trainer, writer, and advocate are inormed by social justice and cultural awareness and humility.

Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco 

Writer, educator, and HIV/AIDS activist based in Toronto. His work covers sex, sadomasochism, sickness and survival.

Sinclair Sexsmith

Educator, coach, and writer in sexualities, genders, and relationships.

Kelli Dunham

Ex-nun genderqueer nurse author nerd comic so common in modern Brooklyn

Kara Sievewright

An artist and writer who mainly creates poetic fiction comics and social justice themed non-fiction comics and illustrations.

Ahmed Danny Ramadan

Author, public speaker and an LGBTQ-Refugees activist.

Amber Dawn

Writer and creative facilitator. Author of four books and the editor of two anthologies.

Keiko Lane

Educator in psychotherapy and undergraduate interdisciplinary studies at CIIS.

Cooper Lee Bombardier

A writer and visual artist from the south shore of Boston.

Caitlin Crawshaw

An award-winning writer and editor, Caitlin has a penchant for unraveling complex subjects for audiences of all kinds.

Margaret Robinson

Feminist scholar and activist noted for her research on sexuality, specifically bisexuality, sexual and gender minority people's experiences of mental health and Indigenous health.

j wallace skelton

j wallace is an educator, activist, and writer based in southern Ontario. His work focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transexual, 2-spirited, intersexed, queer and questionong individuals, their communities and related issues - with a particular focus on youth.

Sailor Holladay

Writer, textile artist and teacher living in Oregon.

Eli Erlick

Queer transgender youth activist, writer and public speaker.

Fayza Bundalli

Somatic therapist for the LGBTQ community and people of colour.

Ariel Estrella

Queer Latinx scholar who focuses their advocacy on fostering beloved communities.

Lisa Baird

Writer, performance poet, a facilitator, a community acupuncturist and a queer white settler living on Attawandaron/Chonnonton/Mississaugas of the New Credit territory.

Sossity Chiricuzio

Queer femme outlaw poet, a working class crip storyteller.

Esther McPhee

Writer of poetry, creative non-fiction and fiction for teens and children.


Book Reviews

An enlightening collection of essays detailing many of these systemic problems, and a call to action on issues that should be understood by all.

-National Post ("Best Books of the Year")

This anthology on health care for queer and transgender people is as much an archive of experience as it is a call to action ... It's a must-read for health care professionals and students going into the field, those navigating the system or supporting others through it, and anyone interested in honest, informed writing on the subject.
-Publishers Weekly

A much-needed anthology that shares stories from patients and providers across the healthcare field ... The Remedy is part of a growing effort within queer and trans communities to lead the long-lasting and healthy lives that we deserve.

-Lambda Literary

Sharman makes a point to ensure that the remainder of the work gives a voice to the queer and transgendered individuals who struggle with these issues on a daily basis. The text consists of over 30 pieces written by queer and transgender individuals.

-Krista S. Genring (2017) "Book Review: The remedy: Queer and trans voices on health and health care," Journal of Family Strengths: Vol. 17 : Iss. 2 , Article 13.

I was suprised by how much The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care held my attention. There are some really great, emotionally resonant personal essays in this anthology as well as pieces that are really informative about health-related needs of our communities, especially the more marginalized ones.

-Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian


Additional Resources Cited in The Remedy and Available at the University of Utah