How to Use and Create QR Codes: Using QR Codes

This guide explains what QR codes are, their creation and use. The guide also provides examples of some unique applications for QR codes

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QR code readers

The easiest and quickest way to get started using QR codes is to install a reader on your mobile device.  Many mobile devices come pre-equipped with a QR code reader, review your devices product manual and FAQ to find out if your device does.  Visit the app store on your mobile device to look up a list of recommended readers for your device.  Or, check out these readers:

Itunes Reader and Scanner

Google Play QR code reader

Kaywa Reader

What is a QR code?

QR codes are two-dimensional embedded codes that are designed to be read by QR code readers.  Originally QR codes were developed in the 1990's as a form of inventory tracking, however, with the increased usage of mobile devices in later years, QR codes began to be used as a method of connecting mobile device users to specific pieces of web-based information.

QR Code Definition

How do QR codes work?

Most mobile devices today come equipped with QR code readers.  The readers employ the camera on a cell phone or mobile device to translate the code and access the information in the code.  QR codes today are used in a variety of applications to connect users to information.  

QR vs Bar Code

Benefits of QR Codes

Benefits of Using QR Codes
• Push information to users at point of need
• Specific information – Context sensitive
• User takes info home via phone
  • Save Web bookmarks
  • Save documents
  • Instantly use contact information
  • Receive supplemental media (video, audio, images)
  • Conference posters
  • Tool for professional networking
• Can be scanned either from a computer screen or a printed document
QR Code to Phone

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