LaTeX for the Health Sciences

Make your writing process easier by letting LaTeX take care of the formatting. Resources highlighted in this guide are focused on the health sciences but are generally useful for anyone looking for LaTeX help.

Why should I use LaTeX?

  • I want my document to look professional (e.g. like a textbook or journal article).
  • I want to focus on my writing and less on the formatting.
  • I want an easy way to typeset mathematical formulas and equations.
  • I want a table of contents that automatically updates.
  • I want my tables and figures labeled so I can reference them in text, and any changes are automatically updated.
  • I want all my bibliographic references and citations to update automatically when I make changes in the text.

If you agree with any of the above statements, then LaTeX is for you!

How do I obtain LaTeX?

You can either download the free software for your computer and/or choose a web option.

Download the software

Pros * no internet necessary
* customize to your needs
* use your favorite editor
Cons * takes time to install
* takes up memory

Use a web option

Pros * access from any browser
* easy collaborative writing
* document history
Cons * depend on a service
* need internet

Where can I find templates or code?

The easiest way to get a feel for using LaTeX is to use a template; i.e. code that has already been written by someone else so you can just fill in the content and not worry about the formatting. 


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Google Web Search

You will probably find an answer to your issue through a google search but these sites below are especially helpful since they are communities of (La)TeX users.