3D Printing PPE during COVID-19 Pandemic


University of Utah Libraries have been part of a campus-wide and community-wide response to the needs of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The following is a guide that is being updated to share information about tools and resources for 3D Printing PPE.  We have focused our efforts in the following areas (and provide information by navigating the tabs on the left):

  • Face shields
  • Masks/N95
  • PAPR hoods
  • Sanitation of parts

If you have something to add or have questions or comments about the guide, please reach out to us at mlib-3dprinting@lists.utah.edu.

A great place to start: Utah-specific Maker Group for PPE:

Nationwide networks of makers with ability to find local maker PPE efforts:

Notes to consider:

  • Unless otherwise explicitly stated, nothing on this page is officially sanctioned by University of Utah or University of Utah Health. You should be in touch with your local medical facilities if possible in order to find out what kind of equipment they need, and what kind of equipment they can accept.

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