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On Selecting a topic

The Course

7520  Transportation Safety:  Fundamental concepts of road safety analysis: data sources, exposure, contributing factors to crash occurrence and severity, driver behavior, statistical road safety modeling, before-after studies, economic analysis. 

The Project

A literature review and meta-analysis on a safety topic will be one requirement of this course. You will find a link to the assignment below.

Considerations for Selecting a Topic

This is your project and it will be taking up a good bit of your time; make it work for your benefit.  Consider:

  • Your personal interests in the subject? 
  • Other work will you be engaged in this semester? Does it fit in with transportation safety?
  • If transportation safety fits in with your future employment plans, what specific subjects will enhance your resume? Where is the research going?
  • The Professor's suggested topics

Resources to Explore a Topic

  • Newspapers
  • CQResearcher
  • Subject Databases; Compendex, TRID, PAIS International


  • If you find too much information on your topic, then you need to narrow your topic.
  • If you do not find much information on your topic, then you need to broaden your topic.

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