Antiracist Resource Guide

A collection of books, videos, podcasts and other resources to promote a culture of anti-racism within UHealth

Books on Facilitating Antiracism in Education

Journal Articles about Antiracist Pedagogy

Anti-racist pedagogy: from faculty’s self-reflection to organizing within and beyond the classroom - Kyoko Kishimoto, 2016

Students of color in white-dominated college classrooms: an examination of racialized roles, safety and empowerment - Deanna Maria Blackwell, Dissertation, University of Utah, 2010

#staywoke: Digital Engagement and Literacies in Antiracist Pegagogy - Christine"Xine" Yao, 2018

Critical Consciousness of Anti-Black Racism: A Practical Model to Prevent and Resist Racial Trauma - Della V. Mosley, Candice N. Hargons, Carolyn Meiller, Blanka Angyal, Paris Wheeler, Candice Davis,and Danelle Stevens-Watkins, 2020

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