Antiracist Resource Guide

A collection of books, videos, podcasts and other resources to promote a culture of anti-racism within UHealth

Racism and Health Sciences - Popular Books

Inclusive Dermatology

VisualDx - Available as a desktop tool (or as a mobile app) for working up diagnoses on the basis of visually observable symptoms – including those with a dermatologic presentation.  One of VisualDx’s strengths is its inclusion of images across the lifespan (infant to geriatric) as well as representing skin pigmentation across the spectrum.  For example, here’s the collection of images for melanoma and varicella in adults.  Notice the ability to filter the images by skin pigmentation.



Taylor & Kelly’s Dermatology for Skin of Color, 2eA comprehensive textbook and photographic atlas

Treatments for Skin of Color - identify evidence-based treatment options for skin of color patients

If you are aware of additional resources that support inclusivity in this, or other disciplines, that you would like the Library to consider acquiring for health sciences students, please contact me directly or use the Library’s Suggest-A-Purchase form.

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