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New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Access Science This link opens in a new window
Access Science is a reference tool for all scientific disciplines. The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, the McGraw-Hill Yearbooks of Science & Technology, the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, and the the Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography are all included, as are nearly 800 videos illustrating various concepts in science.
  • University of Utah Students, Faculty & Staff Only
Ethnologue: Languages of the World This link opens in a new window
Ethnologue: Languages of the World is a comprehensive reference work that provides information and statistics for all of the world’s known living languages. Since 1951, Ethnologue has been an active research project involving hundreds of linguists and other researchers around the world. It is widely regarded as the most comprehensive source of information of its kind.
Proquest Central This link opens in a new window
This is the largest single periodical resource available, bringing together complete databases across all major subject areas, including Business, Health and Medical, Social Sciences, Education, Science and Technology, and Humanities
Roper iPoll This link opens in a new window
Domestic and international responses
to issues and events from 1935 to today
New Deal • Lend-Lease • Wagner Labor Act • Rationing • Berlin Airlift • Marshall Plan •
Red Scare • Polio Vaccine • Korean War • Cuban Missile Crisis • Civil Rights Movement •
JFK, RFK and MLK Assassinations • Space Race • Vietnam • Roe v. Wade • Watergate •
1970s Recession • Iran Hostage Crisis • Women’s Movement • Three Mile Island • Iran-Contra •
AIDS • Savings and Loan Bailout • Fall of Berlin Wall • Dissolution of USSR • Gulf War •
Rodney King • Clinton Impeachment • September 11 • Abu Ghraib • 2000 election •
Hurricane Katrina • ACA • Same-Sex Marriage • Mueller Report • Trump Impeachment

Times of India Archive This link opens in a new window
The archive of the Times of India newspaper includes more than one million pages starting in 1838. Full-text searching is available, and the content is in the English language. Most issues are from the Delhi edition of the Times from 1861 onwards, much of database is also scanned content from the Bombay (and later, Mumbai) edition, along with two preceding titles beginning with the Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. A new year is added annually to the database. There is a 12-year embargo on the more current content.
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