LibGuides Best Practices

To reach our patrons most effectively, best practices are listed throughout this guide for you to follow as a LibGuide creator.

Keep your guides up to date

  • Reduce time spent updating:  Use assets and the reusable boxes feature rather than copy and paste.  These features allow you to reuse links, database assets and boxes across several LibGuides, while only having to edit it in one place.
  • Use fewer links for less future work.  The fewer links in your guide, the less work you’ll have to do to make sure those links still work in a week, month or year.
  • Update your guides and check links often.  In one study, a subject team found that 25 percent of links were out-of-date in one printed guide alone after one year.  Check your links often and make sure they still work.
  • Think proactively about what might mean more work in the future.  Fewer links means less updating.  Furthermore, if you create an elaborate table listing Journal Impact Factors, these change frequently and will be a lot of work later on.

Additional Resources

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