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COVID-19: Resources for Parents, Caregivers & Families: HOUSING & UTILTIES


HEAT (the Home Energy Assistance Target Program)

HEAT is a federally funded program that provides winter home heating assistance and year-round crisis intervention for eligible low-income households throughout Utah. The HEAT program opens every November 1st for the heating season. Customers may receive an application for HEAT assistance from:


The State Weatherization Program

The State Weatherization Program is funded by federal funds through HEAT and the Department of Energy as well as utility rate-payer funds to help weatherize homes and to provide emergency repair or replacement of furnaces and air conditioning units.  For more information click here:


Utility Programs

Rocky Mountain Power and Dominion Energy Utah have ratepayer-funded low-income assistance programs. Customers contribute to these programs as part of the standard rates they pay. Not only do they benefit low-income customers in times of need, but studies have also shown that paying for these programs in rates have         offsetting rate benefits. Typically, utilities will see lower costs associated with collection, arrearages, and reconnections.

Low-Cost/Free Internet Providers

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