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Introduction to Python programming



Do you want to know what is Python and how it is different from other programming languages?

You can find it here from the Python official website.

To find out why you want to learn python check it out here.

What can you do with python?

Some things include:

  • Data analysis and machine learning

  • Web development

  • Automation or scripting

  • Software testing and prototyping

  • Everyday tasks

To find more about how Python is used in these tasks, check it out here.


To get started with Python, I would recommend you to download anaconda navigator and launch Jupyter notebooks where you can start your coding projects in Python.

Here are some video tutorials to install anaconda and launch your Python notebooks

Installation on mac 

Check out here

Installation on windows

Check out here


Learn Python programming concepts and try practicing the codes for free from the Python official website.


Check out this website for resume-building projects in Python and happy coding!

For Data Science and Machine Learning projects in Python, Check out Codebasics youtube channel for amazing video tutorials.

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