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Resources for library research in consumer studies and family economics, human development and family studies, environment and behavior, and social policy.

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Why Use Reference Books?

Before you begin writing a paper it's helpful to have a good overview of your topic. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and other reference material can help you with that.  If a topic looks interesting, but you don't know enough about it, or you want a source of information other than your textbook, academic reference sources are what you need.  You'll learn about the most important aspects of your topic, the important researchers, and many of these sources will list citations to key articles, books and book chapters.

Selected reference material is listed below in these categories:

  • FCS General Reference 
  • Consumer and Community Studies
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Social Policy

    The boxes to the left tells you how to find other reference sources using the Credo Online Collection and Reference Universe.  You can also ask a librarian about appropriate reference resources.  Contact the FCS librarian or use Get Help

    Human Development & Family Studies

    Social Policy

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