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Assistance with experimental design and statistics can be obtained through the Study Design and Biostatistics Center (SDBC)









Library Resources

MATHnetBASE     help

Coverage: Current Access: University of Utah
Purchased by: Marriott Library Maximum users: Unlimited
Subjects include, but are not limited to, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation; Mathematical Modeling; Mathematics for Engineering and Mathematical Physics MATHnetBASE is an online database of Mathematics resources comprised of 190 titles including handbooks. Provides a comprehensive study of applied mathematics including numerous tables and formulas. A featured title in this database is the CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae.

STATSnetBASE     help

Coverage: Varies Access: University of Utah
Purchased by: Marriott Library Maximum users: 10
A repository of world-class references, this online library meets the needs of statisticians and researchers employing statistical science across a wide range of disciplines. From Frequentist to Bayesian, biostatistics to finance, this fully searchable collection is the perfect tool for any size analysis on all sorts of data. Over 385 online titles now available.

Safari Tech Books Online     help

Coverage: Current Year (+ Two-Year Rolling Archive) Access: UALC
Purchased by: UALC Maximum users: 40 Users Consortium-Wide (UALC)
Search, browse, read full text information technology books online. Includes titles from O'Reilly, Pearson, Cisco Press, and more.
The Marriott Library also provides access to SPSS and SAS, MatLab, Maple and a host of other software on computers within the Knowledge Commons and remotely. For a list of the software and if it is available remotely see Remote Software Access

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