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University of Utah researchers have been asking for solutions for storing research data while conducting the research and after completion of the work. The Office of the Vice President for Research along with the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), Marriott Library, Eccles Health Sciences Library, UIT, and Bioinformatics have been working towards solutions. This guide provides information on storage related to electronic notebooks, REDCap and LabArchives; the cloud solutions from UIT, UBox, O365 and Ucloud; and the group and archive storage space from CHPC - Research Computing Support for the University.

Is it Restricted or Sensitive Research Data?

Note the text in yellow "Endangered Species/Habitat". Yes, HIPAA data and data falling under Import/Export rules must be secured as Restricted data, but that does not mean a PI cannot consider his/her data Restricted.

For additional information on restricted, sensitive and public data see Rule 4-004C Data Classification and Encryption Rev. 1

Security and Software from the University Information Security Office (ISO)

ISO has a page on University-approved platforms for restricted and sensitive data, which they update as needed.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Research data should be stored within systems for which the University has a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).  These agreements outline the permitted use, disclosure, restrictions, and outlines many safeguards required to protect the restricted information that may be shared with the business associate. If you have questions regarding whether a particular software has a Business Associate Agreement, please contact Milton Burbidge ( in the Compliance Privacy Office at 801-587-9241.


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