FCS 6901 HDSP Proseminar I

Web Directories

The Web directories listed below will help you find quality, university-level information.

Best Search Tools

Find Quality Information on the Internet

Use the sub-tabs listed under the Web Resources tab above to find quality information on topics related to family and consumer studies.

Not all information found on the Web is reliable.  Asking yourself the following questions will help you decide whether or how you should use information in a particular Web site in your papers, presentations, etc.  The links below the questions will give you further assistance in determining the quality of individual Web sites. Checking out questionable information with your instructor is always a good idea.

  1. Is the author promoting a point of view or presenting unbiased information?
  2. Is the information accurate, and can you verify it by comparing it to other sources?
  3. Who is the author, and do I have a reason to trust that individual or organization?
  4. Is the information up to date?

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