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Pre-Law LEAP Fall 2022

The purpose of this course is to explore the meaning of community, especially as it relates to the American community as a whole and communities within the United States, and the relation of law to community.

Subject Specialist

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Lorelei Rutledge
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J. Willard Marriott Library
295 S 1500 E Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: 801-585-3922

Finding Case Law

What are databases and why do you need them?

Research Databases

Adding LEAP Database Citations to EndNote Basic

In-Class Exercise - Using Databases

1.) Using the library website, find the CQ Researcher database and look at the “Hot Topics” in CQ researcher. Pick a topic of interest and skim the report. Who is the author? What are their credentials? Click on "Cite Now" and take note of how the citations look different in MLA vs. APA vs. other styles. Does the article give a sense of history? Does it look at both sides of the debate? Now look at the footnotes/bibliography. What kinds of sources does CQ researcher use in their research?

2.) Go to and click on “Research Databases”. Now search “Browse Databases by Subject” and drop-down to your major or a subject you are interested in. Scan the list of databases to see what kinds of databases are available for your discipline. Do any of them surprise you or sound interesting?

CQ Researcher Tutorial

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