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Campus Green Office Toolkit: Green Teams

This guide is to provide campus green teams centralized access to resources including toolkit information, how-to instruction, and electronic materials.

Why have Green Teams?...

As the University moves towards climate neutrality, the goal is for all members of the University community (faculty, students, staff, visitors, and administration) to start "Seeing Green."  What this means is that everyone should be actively involved in the creation and implementation of becoming climate neutral by 2050 and that this change is sustainable.  Green Teams are essential to reaching this goal.


What is a Green Team?

Green Teams are organized groups, whose purpose is to recognize opportunities and effect change.  The University of Utah is a large and decentralized organization. Green Teams help create a core group of people, across campus with the common goal of implementing the department specific changes needed to help the University meet its Climate Action Plan goals. 

Free & Easy ways to Green-Up your department NOW!

Know of someone interested in starting a Green Team?....

Do you know someone interested in starting a Green Team in their department?  Let us know! Email Ayrel Clark-Proffitt with the Sustainability Office.

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