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Article Databases is the Library's list of all its databases.

TRID includes both the TRIS & ITRD databases. TRID provides access to a variety of bibliographic data related to transportation research. The database is produced and maintained by the Transportation Research Board of the US National Academies with sponsorship by State Departments of Transportation, the various administrations at the U.S. Department of Transportation, and other sponsors of TRB's core technical activities. The collection contains over 900,000 research records, over 64,000 of which link to full-text articles. Subjects covered by TRID include Highways, Transit, Railroads, Maritime, Aviation, Pipelines, Pedestrian, Bicycles, Planning, Construction, Design, Safety, Environmental Issues, and more.

Compendex is an all purpose engineering database accessible through the Engineering Village platform. It contains over ten million references and abstracts taken from over 6,000 scholarly journals, trade magazines, conference proceedings and technical papers. The subjects covered by this database include nuclear technology, bioengineering, transportation, chemical and process engineering, light and optical technology, agricultural engineering and food technology, computers and data processing, applied physics, electronics and communications, control, civil, mechanical, materials, petroleum, aerospace and automotive engineering as well as narrower subtopics within all these and other major engineering fields. More than 650,000 new records are added to the database annually from over 190 disciplines and major specialties within engineering. Compendex is updated weekly.

PAIS International is a good resource if you need information on policy. It is a bibliographic index to the literature of public policy, social policy, and the social sciences in general. Journal articles, books, government documents, statistical compilations, committee reports, directories, serials, reports of public, intergovernmental, and private organizations, and most other forms of printed literature from all over the world are indexed.

Usearch is the University's online catalog. This is a catalog interface which is constantly being updated. The library has loaded the research articles of some of journals into the catalog. A Usearch tutorial has been developed and is updated periodically. If this tutorial does not answer your question call or email me.  

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