Transportation Safety: Citations


For this assignment your references should follow the IEEE Style Manual.

For a journal article it is :

B. Bremer, "Psychoogical aspects of traffic safety," European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 75, pp. 540-552, 1994.

Note the order of the different pieces of information, the punctuation, and the italicized title of the journal.

For additional information about IEEE formatting see the IEEE Style Manual

To save time load (or type) the references you have discovered into Endnote Web. Endnote Web and Endnote are personal  bibliographic software tools which enable you to develop your own lists of references. Use it to assemble a list of the references for your report in IEEE format. Or with a little training, use it as you write your report so you can insert the references as you write. Endnote Web is free and easier to use than Endnote, so if you are new to Endnote start with the Web version. 

There are Endnote Web tutorials available.

To import references from Compendex

In Compendex select your references-->click the download button-->select RIS (Endnote, Reference Manager, Procite) and save to your desktop (or where ever you want)

In Endnote Web select the tab Collect-->then select Import References-->fill in the information.

File - select the file you just saved from Combendex

Import Option - open the Select Favorites List-->scroll down to Ei Compendex (Ei) and move it to the My Favorites column.

TO - select New Group and name the Group (folder).

--> Click the IMPORT button below the boxes.

To create a bibliography in Endnote Web

In Endnote Web select the tab Format and it will open up the Bibilography function.

Fill in the information.

References - Select the Group (folder) you created.

Bibliographic Style - open the Select Favorites list-->scroll down to IEEE and move it to the My Favorites column.

File Format - Select RTF (and later you can copy it into MS Word).

At this point you can Save it, Email it or Preview and Print.


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