Consumer Behavior (4770)

Since marketing begins and ends with the consumer, this guide provides students with a set of decision-aids, tools, and concepts that help them understand consumer behavior and decisions.

Industry Analysis

What these sources offer

Investors will want to know about prospects of their perspective  industry. 

To get a big picture, start with industry surveys from S&P NetAdvantage.

Use news from industry and trade associations to learn more about product lines within an industry.

Find benchmarks for firms in your industry with ratios and norms compiled by accountants and economists.

Ratios & Norms

Cover ArtAlmanac of Business & Industrial Financial Ratios  

Call Number: HF5681 .R25 A4
ISBN: 0808089897
Highlights financial ratios using tax return information from the IRS. The almanac covers 50 operating and financial ratios for 179 areas of business. Provides performance figures and ratios for 10 years




  • Annual Statement Studies Financial Ratio Benchmarks - The Risk Management Association  
  • Call Number: HF5681 .B2 R6
  • ISBN: B001S2RRV4
  • Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios - Dun & Bradstreet Inc.  
  • Call Number: HF5681 .R25 I525
  • This annual publication lists industry norms and business ratios for public and privately-owned businesses. The book covers over 800 lines of business. The data is based on balance sheets, income statements and financial ratios.

Introduction to Marketing Strategy


This guide is designed for student-entrepreneurs and product developers who want to write a business plan.
Business plans typically include:

  • an Industry Review summarizing the current status and outlook for an industry or sector
  • Market Analysis with information on customer needs & target markets (consumer, b2b, institutional)

The guide lists sources for these types of information, along with tips for using Industry Codes and for finding market share & market size


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