Faculty Topics in Higher Education: Robert's Rules Resources

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Robert's Rules Library Resources

  • Robert, H. M. III and others (2000). Robert's rules of order newly revised, (11th ed). MA, Cambridge:Da Capo Press. Book: JF515 .R692 1990
  • Marchesseault , J. (1994). Parliamentary procedure made simple the basics. Muncie, IN: Robert McConnell Productions. Video: JF515 .P37 1994 (ARC) Description: Presents the basics of parliamentary procedure. Makes Robert's rules of order easy to understand. Includes a meeting conducted from beginning to end according to Robert's rules.
  • Sylvester, N. (2010). The complete idiot's guide to Robert's rules New York, NY : Alpha.
  • Zimmerman, D. P. (2007). Robert's rules in plain English New York, NY : HarperCollins E-book available through the Marriott Library
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