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Dance in Utah: Resources

This guide will direct you to audiovisual resources in Special Collections documenting dance, individual dancers, and dance companies in Utah.

University of Utah Dance Theses Online

Browse through MFA theses performances from the Departments of Ballet and Modern Dance ONLINE!

See What's Online!

From P0039 Repertory Dance Company collection

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Additional Resources

Dance Oral Histories Check out dance history in the words of the dancers themselves. It's the Dance Oral History Channel from the New York Public Library!

Dance Videos from the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of NYPL via the Digital Public Library of America.

Dance Collections

Collections are listed by accession number with a description of its contents. Some will have only brief descriptions while others are linked to pages called finding aids, which contain detailed lists of what is in the collection.


A0021 Shirley Ririe

"Various Apparitions" and other dance performances from the personal career of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company co-founder Shirley Ririe

A0047 Kevin Don Hanson

Raw video footage of Ballet West performances of Rosalinda and The Nutcracker, which Hanson, now of the University of Utah's department of Film & Media Arts, was contracted to film.

A0064 Gilbert Frazier

Films of the tradational Native American Ghost Dance, revived and performed again in the 1970s after being outlawed in the late 1800s.  This collection holds other films about Native American cultural struggles.

A0132 Rosalie May Jones

"The Blackfeet Medicine Lodge Ceremony, Ritual and Dance" (film thesis)

A0135 Bill Evans

"End of Trail," a dance performance choreographed by Evans under a faculty research grant

A0203 Derek Scott Holtzinger

"Performance with Performing Dance Company: An Analysis of Eight Roles"

A0247 Ballet Archives

Film and Video of ballets performed at Ballet West 1965-1990s

A0322 Ballet West

"State of the Arts" radio broadcasts & radio promotional material for Ballet West performances

A0365 University of Utah Dance Department

Various videotapes of Dance Department programs from the 1970s and students' thesis work.  This collection includes the following MFA dance theses. Click on the link above to see items online.

Abbott-Lewis, Katherine - The Spirit (1945)

Caton, Kathy - Challenges in Performance and Choreography (1984)

Chao, Ehr Mei - The Cognition of My Growth in Performace Attitude (1997)

Day, Deborah - In the Process (1981)

Geither, Patricia E. - Danc Touring Ensemble

Grace, Suzanne - Fractured Figments

Hadley, Alan Ez - Tits & Feathers: The Vegas Alternative

Halverson, Kristine Jean - Four Dance Pieces (1981)

Hoffmaster, Lisa H. - Phases I; Phases II (1978)

Hunt, Carrie - Journey (2001)

Huskey, Sybil Dianne - Till the Cows Come Home

Keller, Lorrie Sue -  A Blue Feathered Star Shimmer Moon Rhyme Magic Show (1981)

LeBarron, Linda - Space Games

Lewiecki, Sally - Radish Games (1979)

Martins, Sylvia Maria - Dance Performance: A Personal Perspective (1981)

Miklavcic, Elizabeth - Secrets Leaking (with D. Miklos) (1988)

Miklos, Douglas - Secrets Leaking (with E. Miklavcic) (1988)

Schoenfeld, Brent Arlynn - Extending the Circle of Confusion

Shupe, Mary Lynne - An Analysis of the Creative Process of Two Choreographic Works

Simione, Gregory Bryant - Responsibility to Form (1983)

Stone, Deborah - Desert Canticile; On a Whim

Thurber, Bonnie Bench - Technical Development of a Ballet Student (1973)

Travers, Jeanne Lynne - Discourse with the Earth (1984)

White, Donna M. - Danceworks

White, Walter Jr. - In the Process

Wilbourne, Sara R. - Crossing Lines

Wohl, Mary Angela - What's the Point of Living If You Can't Horse Around a Little?

A0619 Repertory Dance Theater (RDT)

Videos related to Salt Lake City's RDT

A0645 Ladies of the Dance

VHS tapes of "Ladies of the Dance" and "Dance Journal"

A0673 Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

An extensive collection of films and videos of dance company performances and related documentaries and promotional films.  This collection also includes recordings of music used in dance performances.

A0685 Alan Schoenberger

Ski dancing and other forms of skiing

A0762 Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic

Numerous dance performances, including Beth's thesis (see below) and several pieces produced by the Miklavcics' company, Another Language Performing Arts: the experimental video "Creative Passings," the career retrospective "What?" and up to date yearly DVDs of "Interplay," an annual 2000s dance and performance piece composed of simultaneous performances broadcast over the world wide web and hosted by the University of Utah.

A0763 Joan Woodbury

Dance films from the personal career of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company co-founder Joan Woodbury

A0787 Bene Arnold

Film footage of dances performed by Ballet West and other Utah based dance companies

A0831 Judith Dwan Hallet

Several of Hallet's documentary films feature dance related subjects, including A Very Special Dance (1978), in which the late Anne Riordan demonstrates her work teaching dance to mentally ill or physically disabled students

A0954 Elizabeth R. Hayes

Dance material collected by Hayes, a former University of Utah Professor of Dance: performances from a variety of cultures, dance recitals given by the University of Utah Dance Department, interviews with Hayes

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