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Working from a Distance?

If you're working from off campus, you can find more information on what resources are availalbe to you by looking at the Distance Education Resources research guide.

The Research Process

Steps for locating information for a research paper/project:

  1. Select a topic of interest and then state your topic as a question (see the PICO handout)
  2. Identify the key concepts and words that describe your question
  3. Locate and retrieve information sources that support the topic question; this includes using library catalogs to locate reference books, encyclopedias, bibliographies, handbooks, statistics, videos, and other media
  4. Use online databases to find journal articles, newspapers, statistics, and other kinds of supporting materials
  5. Find Internet resources; this may include government documents, images, graphs, data, maps and more
  6. Evaluate what you find; take detailed notes; summarize and quote source material accurately
  7. Cite your sources of information accurately: use a bibliographic management program such as EndNote to organize materials and write your paper with properly formatted citations

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