Spanish 6900-001, Spring 2014: Library Resources

19th Century Latin American Literature : The Making of Racialized Gendered National Bodies

Language, Literature, History & Culture (Books)

For those who enjoy browsing the shelves of a library hoping for a serendipitous find it can help to have an idea of where particular subjects are located.  The following lists will give the browsers among you a place to start.

Books on Spanish as a language (philology, grammar, syntax, dictionaries) will be found at the north end of Level 2, between the call numbers PC4001 and PC4977, with most Spanish-English dictionaries at PC4640.

Spanish literature and the literature of Spanish-speaking countries outside of Spain will be found between the call numbers PQ6001 and PQ8929, as follows:

Spain PQ6001-PQ7011

Mexico PQ7100-PQ7298

Cuba PQ7370-PQ7392

Dominican Republic PQ7400-PQ7409

Puerto Rico PQ7420-PQ7442

Costa Rica PQ7480-PQ7489

Guatemala PQ7490-PQ7499

Honduras PQ7500-PQ7509

Nicaragua PQ7510-PQ7519

Panama PQ7520-PQ7529

El Salvador PQ7530-PQ7539

Argentina PQ7600-PQ7798

Bolivia PQ7800-PQ7822

Chile PQ7900-PQ8098

Colombia PQ 8160-PQ8180

Ecuador PQ8200-PQ8220

Paraguay PQ8250-PQ8259

Peru PQ8300-PQ8498

Uruguay PQ8510-PQ8520

Venezuela PQ8530-PQ8550

Philippines PQ8700-PQ8897


The corresponding call numbers for the history and culture of these countries (including race relations) are found on the east side of Level 2:

Spain DP1-DP402

Mexico F1201-F1392

Cuba F1751-1855

Dominican Republic F1931-F1941

Puerto Rico F1951-F1973

Costa Rica F1541-F1557

Guatemala F1461-F1477

Honduras F1501-F1517

Nicaragua F1521-1537

Panama F1561-F1577

El Salvador F1481-F1497

Argentina F2801-F3021

Bolivia F3301-F3359

Chile F3051-F3285

Colombia F2251-F2299

Ecuador F3701-3799

Paraguay F2661-F2699

Peru F3401-F3619

Uruguay F2701-2799

Venezuela F2301-2349

Philippines DS651-DS689


For the purposes of this course, some other call numbers may be helpful:

works on social conditions/problems/reform in Latin American can be found between HN110.5 and HN370

works on women in Latin America can be found between HQ1460.5 and HQ1585

works on slavery in Latin America can be found between HT1052.5 and HT1152


The Marriott Library's journals are housed in the ARC [Automated Retrieval Center], and in most cases can be accessed within ten to fifteen minutes from the time they are requested.  We also have online subscriptions to about 6,500 individual journals or journal packages, which can be accessed both through USearch (the library's catalog) and through the Online Journals list.  While the vast majority of our journals now come to us only electronically, in many cases the online holdings don't go back much more than fifteen or twenty years; earlier issues, if we have them, are often available only on paper and will have to be requested individually from the ARC.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

In general, books and journal articles we don't own or to which we don't have online access can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan (often referred to as ILL).  The turnaround time for an article request is on the order of two days (though same-day service is not unheard of), since they are supplied electronically.  Requests for other materials (books, microforms, media) can take longer, potentially as long as two weeks.  There are some categories of materials, such as rare books, manuscripts and other unique items, that won't be available through Interlibrary Loan.

Suggest a Purchase

Interlibrary Loan is the way to go if what you're after is an article, conference paper, chapter in a book or microform.  But if you've identified a book that we don't own and you think it is something that is likely to be of use to others as well as to you, consider using the Suggest a Purchase form (there is also a link on our home page).  If the book is commercially available and not prohibitively priced, we'll probably purchase it.  You can also send suggestions directly to me:

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