NUTR 5850: Online Research Methods: Library Books

This guide is for Dr. Kathie Beals' online NUTR 5850class

Electronic Books

Annual Reviews
Publishes authoritative reviews in 40 disciplines with the sciences. including:

American Psychological Association EBook Collection
Ability to download or print chapters.  Book titles include:

CAB eBooks
CABI is a life sciences publisher covering: human health, food, and nutrition; and agriculture.

Have electronic books from National Academies Press, CABI, World Health Organization, Wiley, etc.
Use the InfoTools or ebrary Reader to print, zoom, move, etc.
Title include:

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
Includes articles on nutraceuticals, vitamins, mineral nutrients, etc.

Knovel Online Interactive Books and Databases
The University Libraries subscription includes the Food Science collection (Food Ingredients, Food Safety & Quality,
General References, Manufacture & Processing, Nutrition, and Storage & Preservation). Also includes the:
Merck Index-An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs,and Biologicals

Can print multiple pages. After using book, make sure you close item in the upper left hand corner.

OVID books

Royal Society of Chemistry Ebooks

Sage Reference Online
Title in our collection include:

Over 30 medical reference resources ranging from ACP Medicine to Women's Health: A Primary Care Clinical Guide - 3rd Ed. (2004)

STAT!Ref Nutrition and Dietetics Collection

American Dietetic Association Guide to Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy and Education • Cardiovascular Nutrition: Disease Management and Prevention • Clinical Guide to Oncology Nutrition, The - 2nd Ed. • Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health - 2nd Ed. • Health Professional's Guide To Popular Dietary Supplements, The - 3rd Ed. • Nutrition and Diet Therapy: Evidence-Based Applications - 4th Ed. • Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care • Pediatric Manual of Clinical Dietetics - 2nd Ed. • Sports Nutrition: A Practice Manual for Professionals - 4th Ed.

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