NUTR 5850: Online Research Methods: Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews

This guide is for Dr. Kathie Beals' online NUTR 5850class

Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews

Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews is a great source for up to date information about nutrition research.

To get to Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews:

1. Go to the library homepage at and click on the Databases tab below the search box.


2.Click on the letter N for Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews


3.Scroll down to the bottom of the list of databases and click on the database title.

4. Once you are in the database, click on the Advanced Search link under the search box.

5. On the Advanced Search page, enter your search terms in the boxes. The asterisks tell the search engine to return items with the same word stem but different endings. For example, child* returns both child and children. Below the search boxes, used the "Published Between" limiters to narrow down to items published in the last five years. Click on the radio button next to "only results where CABI hosts the full text." Click the Submit button to run the search

6. Next, you will get a list of results. Click on the title of each item to read its abstract, or click on the View Full Text button to get full text of the article.


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