This guide contains resources to help you learn about and avoid plagiarism.

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities is designed to help both individuals and the campus community create an environment conducive to successful learning and academic engagement. 

Legal Consequences

In addition to academic reprecussions, there can also be legal consequences to plagarism.


Academic Misconduct

According to the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities:

 "'Academic misconduct' includes, but is not limited to, cheating, misrepresenting one's work, inappropriately collaborating, plagiarism, and fabrication or falsification of information, as defined further below. It also includes facilitating academic misconduct by intentionally helping or attempting to help another to commit an act of academic misconduct...

A student who engages in academic misconduct as defined in Part I.B. may be subject to academic sanctions including but not limited to

  • a grade reduction,
  • failing grade,
  • probation,
  • suspension or dismissal from the program or the University,
  • or revocation of the student's degree or certificate.

Sanctions may also include

  • community service,
  • a written reprimand, and/or a written statement of misconduct that can be put into an appropriate record maintained for purposes of the profession or discipline for which the student is preparing."



Real-life Examples

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