Evidence Based Dentistry

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Receiving a list of titles in the new issues of these journals in your email can help you stay current..

The journals each offer this service on their websites, but it can be easier to manage various alerts if you set them up in one place.

PubMed offers this service through MyNCBI:

Create a MyNCBI account, and then save a search for Evidence-Based Dentistry and the Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice.

Evidence Based Dentistry Journals

The number of published research articles in clinical dentistry grows larger each year. Analysis shows that even in specific subject areas publication is spread across many journal titles.

The Dental Elf is a daily blog maintained by the editor of Evidence Based Dentistry. It provides brief summaries highlighting evidence-based publications relevant to dental practice.

Two journals attempt to assist busy dentists trying to stay current with the literature by publishing critical summaries of recently published research.

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