ATLAS.ti for Qualitative Research: Preloaded Project

This guide describes how to use the Atlas.ti, a software program, for qualitative research management and analysis

Your First Foray into ATLAS.ti

When you first start ATLAS.ti, you will be greated by a welcome wizard that asks what you want to do.  Since you won't have started a project yet, you can click "Just Continue" to get to the main screen.  After you start a project you won't be greeted by this window again, so after seeing it once and dismissing it, dismiss it from your memory as well.

Atlas interface

Pre-loaded Documentation and Tutorials

If you don't have a project to work on yet but want to get to know ATLAS while you wait, or you're bored and have an hour or so to kill, there is a nifty quicktour project already loaded up in Atlas that you can follow along with or just load up to play around and check out the functions and features of the program.  Go to Help-->Quicktour-->Jack the Ripper stage I.  There is also a handy guide that gives snippets of information that may be a good reference as you work under the Quicktour as well as much more detailed documentation under ATLAS.ti Help, which is where you can get explanations about all the features of ATLAS.ti.  The full documentation can be opened if you click on ATLAS.ti Help at the top.




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