ATLAS.ti for Qualitative Research: Memos

This guide describes how to use the Atlas.ti, a software program, for qualitative research management and analysis

Creating Memos

While comments are relevant to specific documents, quotations, or codes, memos are an area where you can develop themes and work with your project holistically. To write a memo, you can click on the Memo button the main toolbar in Atlas.ti

You can also click directly on the Memo manager to create a new memo or to see the memos you have created already


To create a free memo, click on the Free Memo button, enter a name for your memo, and begin typing. You might consider, for instance, writing memos for each of your research questions. Although you can link memos directly to quotations or sections of the text, it is much easier to use comments to do this. For more information, review Dr. Susan Friese’s document about using memos effectively in Atlas.ti:



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