ATLAS.ti for Qualitative Research: Hyperlinks

This guide describes how to use the Atlas.ti, a software program, for qualitative research management and analysis

Creating Hyperlinks between Quotations


You can also add structure to your analysis by using hyperlinks to connect quotations both within and across your primary documents to clarify relationships.

 To create a hyperlink between two quotations in the same document, mark each of the quotations either by creating a free quotation or coding them, and then drag and drop the gray bar next to one of the quotations on top of the other one. A menu will open up asking you to choose an option to clarify the relationship between them. Choose the relationship, and then you will see a small note in the margin noting that relationship.

Then, when you click on one quotation, you can see its partner quotation.

 To create a hyperlink across different documents, open the first document, select the quotation, right click on it and choose Create Link Source



Then, open the second document, choose the quotation you would like to connect to, right click and choose Create Link Target


Then, you will get the same menu and you can clarify the relationship between these two ideas. Double click on either end of the hyperlink to see the relationship

 You can also edit hyperlinks. If you right click on the hyperlink in the margin, you will see a menu, from here, you have option to create a comment to describe the hyperlink or change the link relationship and edit it.


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