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Organic Gardening & Sustainable Agriculture (ENVST 3280): Home

An information guide to find information resources about organic gardening and the Edible Campus Gardens program at the University of Utah.

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  • Gardening and agriculture can be the subject of academic study, but are also practiced by gardeners and farmers who don't necessarily take an academic approach.
  • Gardening and agriculture are highly dependent on geography, climate and bio-region
  • There are  federal, state and local government agencies with a mission to support agriculture and food security.
  • Look for activist groups that support or oppose various gardening and agricultural practices (for example, urban chickens, front yard gardens, GMO crops, community supported agriculture, etc...).
  • In the U.S., Land grant colleges or agricultural colleges teach and study agriculture.  These colleges offer cooperative extension services that publish agricultural information specific to local conditions.





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