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Community Reads

Community Reads are partnerships between Eccles Health Sciences Library and the Office of Health Equity. Diversity & Inclusion (UHealth OHEDI).

Movie Reviews and Articles about Dying In Vein

Dying In Vein; The Opiate Generation -Movie Review by Alex Springer.

Dying In Vein Documentary Shows No One is Immmune to Opioid Addiction - Article by Heather Simonsen

Local Filmmaker Spotlights Teenage Opioid Abuse in Documentary 'Dying in Vein' - Article by Josh Terry


Schedule A Screening

From the producers of Dying In Vein; "Please contact our Community Outreach Coordinator to schedule a screening near you. We hope the film will be used in communities as a catalyst to talk about addiction."

Contact Information is below:
Jorden Saxton Hackney, Dying in Vein, Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (801) 971-9172

Additionally, the producers have created a discussion guide document to be used by those who are requesting a screening. A link to this guide is provided below. They state, "The discussion guide is designed for high school and university students, parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, and legislators and policy makers. It is designed to work in conjunction with the film Dying in Vein to provide additional information about substance use disorders, discussion questions, and action items for communities."

Link to Guide:



Other Projects in Production by Jenny Mackenzie

However Long:

How would you live your life if you discovered you had an incurable disease?  Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) is also known as stage 4-breast cancer.  Approximately 30% of women with breast cancer will have the disease spread, and receive the diagnosis of MBC. Despite early detection and new treatments, we are not doing enough for the 40,000 women who continue to die from the disease.

This documentary looks at the experience of the women who are living with the disease with no cure in sight, the researchers who are trying to cure it, and the activists who are fighting for more funding and better treatment.

Ries & Snyder, Utah's HIV/AIDS Medical Pioneers:

The story of two fearless medical professionals who provided world-class care in conservative, Mormon Utah in the 1980's and 90's when no one else would. Facing adversity and ostracism, Dr. Kristen Ries along with her physician assistant, Maggie Snyder, forged a path of compassion, discovery and quality care for a marginalized population that everyone else seemed willing to just let die.

Directed by Jenny Mackenzie
Produced by Jared Ruga