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: :Finding books in German at the Marriott Library


Call numbers for literature, history and culture

Browsing the shelves of a library can lead to serendipitous discoveries.  But even with browsing it can help to have an idea of where particular subjects are located.  The following lists will give the browsers among you a place to start.

Books on German as a language (philology, grammar, syntax, dictionaries) will be found in compact shelving on the east side of Level 1, between the call numbers PF3001 and PF3991, with most German-English dictionaries at PF3640.

German literature and the literature of the larger German-speaking world will be found between the call numbers PT1 and PT4897, also on Level 1, but not in compact shelving, as follows:

Germany PT1-PT3807

Austria PT3810-PT3828

Czechoslovakia, Bohemia PT3830-PT3837.5

Hungary PT3840-PT3847.5

Soviet Union, Russia PT3850-PT3857.5

Switzerland PT3860-PT3878

Other parts of Europe PT3895

United States PT3900-PT3921

Central and South America, West Indies PT3930-PT3948

Africa PT3951

Asia PT3961

Oceania PT3971

(You can explore this in much greater detail at starting on page 139 for the language, and at for the literature.)

The corresponding call numbers for the history and culture of these countries are found on the east side of Level 2:

Germany DD1-DD901

Austria DB1-DB879

Czechoslovakia, Bohemia, Czech Republic DB2000-DB2650

Hungary DB901-DB999

Switzerland DQ1-DQ851

(As above, you can explore this in much greater detail at

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