Families and Health Block U

This is a course guide for Dr. Anita Pascoe's Families and Health Block U course.

Families and Health Block U Library Sessions

Welcome to the Research Guide for Families and Health Block U. This guide has links to the assignments for each class period. Over the course of the four sessions together, we will.

1. Go on a tour of the Marriott Library so that you can learn where to look for the many resources the library offers.

2. Explore the idea of fake news and look at how to find accurate and useful sources for your annotated bibliography.

3. Learn strategies for using the library catalog and databases to find information relevant to your community project.

4. Discover how sources related to one another and inform your topic in preparation for completing your annotated bibliography assignment and designing your community intervention.

If you have any questions, Nicole's information is available on the bottom left.

What Your Librarian Can Do for You

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Contact the library or your subject specialist librarian today!

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