Pick Your Poison: Other Resources

The Eccles Library display of the National Library of Medicine Exhibit



  • Growing Up Tobacco Free : Preventing Nicotine Addiction in Children and Youths Available Online or for check out at the Marriott Library
  • An educational project on prevention of tobacco usage in adolescents Available Online


  • Alcohol: Health and Social Consequences written by Ken Barrie, Senior Lecturer in Alcohol and Drug Studies at the University of the West of Scotland

  • Adolescent Alcohol Use is Predicted by Childhood Temperament Factors Before Age 5, with Mediation Through Personality and Peers Original Article




  • Adverse Effects, Real and Imaginary from the Marijuana Medical Handbook : Practical Guide to Therapeutic Uses of Marijuana Written by Dale Gieringer, Ed Rosenthal, and Gregory T. Carter

  • Essays on the Effects of Medical Marijuana Laws


If you want more information, check out the official page for this exhibit at the National Library of Medicine's website here.

The Eccles Health Sciences Library will have the exhibit on display in the portrait gallery from September 18 - October 31, 2017. Go here to check the library's hours. 

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