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Basic design principles for powerpoint slides, infographics, and research posters.

Infographic Basics & Tutorial

Infographic Basics

Making a research poster and making an infographic are really similar. It's all just designing your information so that readers will be more inclined to read about your research. Any time you see data being represented visually, that is a form of a infographic. Even something as simple as a pie chart or icon of a person can help solidify the information your are showing.

To demonstrate how infographics work, here is a paragraph:

What is an infographic? "Info" refers to information. It's all the information from your research, including data. "Graphic" has to do with all the visual communication you can include to make it easier to understand. This includes visual cues like colors, pictures, and shapes. And with software, like Adobe Spark, infographics are easier to make than ever.

Now, here is the same paragraph, as a simple, quick, Infographic made in Adobe Express:



And you can make any information more interesting and easier to remember and understand using infographics.

Here is an example of an infographic I helped a physics student with




This tutorial uses Adobe Express:

  • From the Adobe homepage, select "Log in with Adobe ID"
  • Your email address log in is: (example: Click "Continue"
  • Sign in using your CIS password and you will redirected to the Adobe Express Browse page
  • At the top of the page is a search bar - type in "infographic" to see all the hundreds of templates available to you
  • Select a template you like, then start creating!

Once you've started a project, you can edit it as much as you would like to! Give yourself at least an hour to really click around, play with colors, fonts and icons, make mistakes, and maybe even trash it and start over! That's okay.

But please, please, please be aware that design takes time. It takes A LOT of time. So plan accordingly. My projects take me upwards of 10+ hours.

Adobe has tons of tutorials available here!


There a lot of other free infographic options you are also welcome to use! Adobe Express usually costs money but is free to U affiliates, is very easy, and has the best looking options so I highly recommend it! If you prefer another software, like Photoshop or Canva, you're welcome to use that (just know most of those only have limited functions in the free version).

If you're in need of design assistance, I'm always happy to help:

(Also, Adobe Express was created specifically for creating social media posts, websites and videos, so consider this a skill in professional development!)


NOTE ABOUT COPYRIGHT: When searching within Adobe Spark, or Canva, everything is fair use. But if you are using the internet for icons or photos, make sure you aren't using someone else's intellectual property. You can always purchase the image or icon from the host, but if you would prefer some free alternatives use Google's image search feature and under "Tools" you will find "Usage Rights" and filter by "labeled for reuse".

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