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University of Utah Library Guides

LEAP 1100 (Sections 1, 3 ,4, & 6-9) Professors' Borup, Ownby & Wood: Using the Library Catalog

LEAP Librarians are Brandon Patterson, Lorelei Rutledge, & Alfred Mowdood

Using Usearch, the Library Catalog


Many of our materials are available both in print and online through Usearch, the library catalog. To use the library catalog:

  1. Go to the library homepage at and choose the Advanced Search link underneath the main search box

  1. Use the dropdown menus to search for Title or Author/Editor if you know them. Otherwise, just enter the keywords you want to use to search. Use the other limiters to narrow down by material type and date, if you wish. Then, click the red search button

  1. A list of search results will be returned. If an item says it is available at a specific location, that means it is a print item. To find it, you have two options

  1. The first is to take note of the location and call number. In this case, the item is on level two, and the call number is E98. S7 F59 2008. To find this item on the shelf, I can go to the library main page again and click on the Floor Maps link in the upper right corner.


  1. Then, since we know the item is on the second floor, we can click on the link to the Level 2 map.

  1. Then, search on the map to find the general location of your book. Our call number starts with E, so I can look on the map for the E section. Then, you can look at the end of each shelf in the area. The shelf cards say something like E15-125, E125.1-E400, etc. We would look for the shelf that has E98, find the E98’s, then look for E98.S, and so on until we find the book. If you get stuck finding a book, you can always come to the Knowledge Commons Desk on the second floor for help.

  1. If you prefer not to go to the shelf, you can request the book be pulled from the shelf for you. To do this, click on the blue Get It link underneath the item. Then, click on the green Log In to View Request Options button and sign in with your uNID and password.

  1. Then, click on the red Request button on the next page

  1. Fill out the information in the box that opens, and then click on the orange Request button. You will receive an email after your book has been pulled (which usually takes 24 hours.) You can pick it up on the second floor at the Reserve Desk.

  1. If the item says Online Access, it is available electronically. To get to it, click the View It link and the item should open.



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