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How to use Data.Census.Gov website?

Note: American Factfinder has been discontinued and replaced by data.census.gov website.

What is Data.Census.Gov?

data.census.gov is the new platform to access data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Its vision is to make data available from one centralized place so that data users spend less time search for data content and more time using it.

To learn more about this Website, check out this link. Through that link, you can find detailed information about the dta.consus.gove as answers to FAQs, flyers and webinars.

Tutorial Guides to learn how to use Data.Conses.Gov


There are some useful tutorial guides to learn how to navigate this website:

1. How to Select Your Area to Access Data Using data.census.gov

2. How to Access Race Data on data.census.gov

3. Census Terminology

Webinar on how to explore Data.Conses.Gov


Explore data.census.gov, the primary site to access data from the Census Bureau's most popular surveys and programs. These webinars will help you to explore it.

- Webinar on how to access Data.Census.Gov?

- Webinar on data.census.gov: Q & A 

Data.Census.Gov related webinars:

Recorded Webinars 

Upcoming Webinars 

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