Geospatial Data and Resources: Additional Datasets Available

An introductional guide to the various types of geospatial data and avaiable resources for use within your projects.

National Elevation Datasets (NED)

A digital model of a terrain's surface created from elevation data

Shaded relief image from a national elevation dataset examining the north end of Salt Lake County

Excellent Data Source:

National Seamless Server

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

A digital model created from elevation data representing a terrain's surface

A DEM layer depicting the eastern mountains of the Salt Lake Valley

Excellent Data Source:


United States Geological Survey

National Hydrography Datasets (NHD)

A digital vector dataset used to represent surface water on maps & perform spatial analysis

National Hydrography datasets (area & linear) depicting surface water in Salt Lake County

Excellent Data Source:


Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle (DOQ)

An aerial/satellite image aligned to corresponding latitude & longitude in physical space for a defined region using a standard scale

Digital orthophoto of the University of Utah campus

Excellent Data Source: 

National Map Seamless Server


Digital Line Graphs (DLG)

A feature on a cartographic map derived from USGS maps represented in digital vector format

A hypsograph examining the topographic configuration of the mountains east of the University of Utah

Nine Categories of Attributes

Public Land




Hypsography (Elevation)

Non-Vegetative Features

Survey Markers

Man-made Features

Vegetative Surface Cover

National Land Cover Datasets (NLCD)

Examines the coverage of large ecosystems based on the 21 defined land cover types using real-world distributions

National Land Cover Dataset of Salt Lake County and the surrounding area

Excellent Data Source:

National Map Seamless Server

Digital Raster Graphics (DRG)

A digital image of a scanned USGS topographic map

Digital Raster Graphic of the University of Utah campus obtained from a USGS topographic map available for use in ArcGIS 10

Excellent Data Source:

Utah Geological Survey

United States Geological Survey

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