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Geospatial Data and Resources: Online GIS Data Resources

An introductional guide to the various types of geospatial data and avaiable resources for use within your projects.

Data Starting Points

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)




 Use keywords such as “GIS” and “data”

Specify a geographic location
   Example: Salt Lake City, UT
Specify the type of data you are searching
   –Example:  Roads or Hydrology

Regional Data Sources

Utah GIS Portal/Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC)

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office

Utah Geological Survey


Federal Data Sources

            ◦US Census Bureau

US Geological Survey

Land Cover Institute

Seamless Data Distribution System, Earth Resources Observation and Science

US Department of Agriculture

US Fish and Wildlife Service

National Geophysical Data Center

National Park Service GIS Data


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