Spanish 4760-001, Spring 2014 -- Hispanic Poetry: Books in the library

Language, Literature, History & Culture (Books)

For those who enjoy browsing the shelves of a library hoping for a serendipitous find it can help to have an idea of where particular subjects are located.  The following lists will give the browsers among you a place to start.

Books on Spanish as a language (philology, grammar, syntax, dictionaries) will be found at the north end of Level 2, between the call numbers PC4001 and PC4977, with most Spanish-English dictionaries at PC4640.

Spanish literature and the literature of Spanish-speaking countries outside of Spain will be found between the call numbers PQ6001 and PQ8929, as follows:

Spain PQ6001-PQ7011 (about poetry: PQ6075-PQ6098; collections: PQ6175-PQ6215)

Spanish America (in general) PQ7081-P7087 (about poetry: PQ7082.P7; collections: PQ7084)

Mexico PQ7100-PQ7298 (about poetry: PQ7161-PQ7181; collections: PQ7248-PQ7263)

Cuba PQ7370-PQ7392 (about poetry: PQ7380; collections: PQ7384)

Dominican Republic PQ7400-PQ7409 (about poetry: PQ7402; collections: PQ7406)

Puerto Rico PQ7420-PQ7442 (about poetry: PQ7430; collections: PQ7434)

Central America (in general) PQ7471-PQ7477 (about poetry: PQ7472.P7; collections: PQ7474)

Costa Rica PQ7480-PQ7489 (about poetry: PQ7482; collections: PQ7486)

Guatemala PQ7490-PQ7499 (about poetry: PQ7492; collections: PQ7496)

Honduras PQ7500-PQ7509 (about poetry: PQ7502; collections: PQ7506)

Nicaragua PQ7510-PQ7519 (about poetry: PQ7512; collections: PQ7516)

Panama PQ7520-PQ7529 (about poetry: PQ7522; collections: PQ7526)

El Salvador PQ7530-PQ7539 (about poetry: PQ7532; collections: PQ7536)

South America (in general) PQ7551-PQ7557 (about poetry: PQ7552.P7; collections: PQ7554)

Argentina PQ7600-PQ7798 (about poetry: PQ7661-PQ7681; collections: PQ7748-PQ7763)

Bolivia PQ7800-PQ7822 (about poetry: PQ7810; collections: PQ7814)

Chile PQ7900-PQ8098 (about poetry: PQ7961-PQ7981; collections: PQ8048-PQ8063)

Colombia PQ 8160-PQ8180 (about poetry: PQ8170; collections: PQ8174)

Ecuador PQ8200-PQ8220 (about poetry: PQ8210; collections: PQ8214)

Paraguay PQ8250-PQ8259 (about poetry: PQ8252; collections: PQ8256)

Peru PQ8300-PQ8498 (about poetry: PQ8361-PQ8381; collections: PQ8448-PQ8463)

Uruguay PQ8510-PQ8520 (about poetry: PQ8512; collections: PQ8516)

Venezuela PQ8530-PQ8550 (about poetry: PQ8540; collections: PQ8544)

Philippines PQ8700-PQ8897 (about poetry: PQ8761-PQ8781; collections: PQ8848-PQ8863)


The numbers given above for poetry collections are for multi-author anthologies.

Volumes of poetry by a single author will be found at the author's own number in the regular alphabetical/chronological sequence for that country's literature.


The corresponding call numbers for the history and culture of these countries are found on the east side of Level 2:

Spain DP1-DP402

Mexico F1201-F1392

Cuba F1751-1855

Dominican Republic F1931-F1941

Puerto Rico F1951-F1973

Costa Rica F1541-F1557

Guatemala F1461-F1477

Honduras F1501-F1517

Nicaragua F1521-1537

Panama F1561-F1577

El Salvador F1481-F1497

Argentina F2801-F3021

Bolivia F3301-F3359

Chile F3051-F3285

Colombia F2251-F2299

Ecuador F3701-3799

Paraguay F2661-F2699

Peru F3401-F3619

Uruguay F2701-2799

Venezuela F2301-2349

Philippines DS651-DS689


Some books of interest

Here are some books in our collection related to the topics covered by this course:

Our word : guerrilla poems from Latin America, translated by Edward Dorn and Gordon Brotherston (London : Cape Goliard, 1968); call number:  PQ7084.O88

Nueva poesía socio-política : la expresión hispana, by Miriam Mijalina Bornstein (Ph.D. thesis, University of Arizona, 1982); call number:  PQ7082.P7 B68 1982a

Reading north by south : on Latin American literature, culture, and politics, by Neil Larsen (Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 1995); call number:  F1414.2.L28 1995 (also available online)

Gunshots at the fiesta : literature and politics in Latin America, by Maarten van Delden and Yvon Grenier (Nashville : Vanderbilt University Press, 2009); call number:  PQ7081.V36 2009

Hacia una poética radical : ensayos de hermenéutica cultural, by William Rowe (Rosario : B. Viterbo Editora, 1996); call number:  PQ7081.R73 1996

Spanish American poetry at the end of the twentieth century : textual disruptions, by Jill S. Kuhnheim (Austin : University of Texas Press, 2004); call number:  PQ7082.P7 K84 2004

Historia, intrahistoria y compromiso social en siete poetas hispánicos : Rubén Darío, Federico García Lorca, Nicolás Guillén, Manuel del Cabral, Palés Matos, César Vallejo y Pablo Neruda, by Manuel Antonio Arango L. (New York : P. Lang, 2007); online (unlimited simultaneous users)

Demoníaco afán : lecturas de poesía latinoamericana, by Mónica Velásquez Guzmán (Pittsburgh : University of Pittsburgh, 2010); call number:  PQ7082.P7 V44 2010

Lovers and comrades : women's resistance poetry from Central America, edited by Amanda Hopkinson (London : The Women's Press, 1989); call number:  PQ7474.L68 1989

Ixok amar.go : Central American women's poetry for peace, edited by Zoë Anglesey (Penobscot : Granite Press, 1987); call number:  PQ7474.I96 1987

Literature and politics in the Central American revolutions, by John Beverley and Marc Zimmerman (Austin : University of Texas Press, 1990); call number:  PQ7472.P7 B48 1990

Culture, human rights, and peace in Central America, edited by George F. McLean, Raul Molina, and Timothy Ready (Lanham : University Press of America, 1989); call number:  F1439.5.C85 1989

Poesía centroamericana y puertorriqueña : antología esencial, compiled by Selena Millares (Madrid : Visor Libros, 2013); call number:  PQ7474.P638 2013

Modern Argentine poetry, by Ben Bollig (Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 2011); call number:  PQ7661.B65 2011

Political bodies : gender, history, and the struggle for narrative power in recent Chilean literature, by Alice A. Nelson (Lewisburg : Bucknell University Press, 2002); call number:  PQ7955.N45 2002

The insubordination of signs : political change, cultural transformation, and poetics of the crisis, by Nelly Richard (Durham : Duke University Press, 2004); call number:  F3100.R5213 2004

Poesía cubana de la revolución, selected by Ernesto Cardenal (México : Extemporáneos, 1976); call number:  PQ7384.P586

Poesía y revolución : antología poética, selected by Ernesto Cardenal (México : Editorial Edicol, 1979); call number:  PQ7519.C34 P65

Woman of the river, by Claribel Alegria (Pittsburgh : University of Pittsburgh Press, 1989); call number:  PQ7539.A47 M813 1989

A poetics of resistance : women writing in El Salvador, South Africa, and the United States, by Mary K. DeShazer (Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 1994); call number:  PN1083.R47 D47 1994

Literature and resistance in Guatemala : textual modes and cultural politics from el señor presidente to Rigoberta Menchú, by Marc Zimmerman (Athens : Ohio University Center for International Studies, 1995); call number:  PQ7490.Z56 1995

Aesthetics and revolution : Nicaraguan poetry, 1979-1990, by Greg Dawes (Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 1993); call number:  PQ7512.D38 1993

Peruvian rebel : the world of Magda Portal, with a selection of her poems, by Kathleen Weaver (University Park : Pennsylvania State University Press, 2009); call number:  PQ8497.P75 Z93 2009

Poetry and politics, by Mortimer J. Adler (Pittsburgh : Duquesne University Press, 1965); call number:  PN1081.A3

Poetry and politics : an anthology of essays, edited by Richard Jones (New York : Morrow, 1985); call number:  PN1081.P62 1985b

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