STATA Support

Multilevel Analysis (ver. 1.0)

Variation between entities

Individual regressions (no-pooling approach)

Individual regression (no-pooling approach) cont.

Varying-intercept model(null)

Vary-intercept model (one level-1 predictor)

Varying-intercept model(one level-1 predictor) cont.

Varying-intercept model(one level-1 predictor)cont.2

Varying-intercept model (one level-1 predictor) cont.3

Varying-intercept, varying-coefficient model

Varying-intercept, varying-coefficient model cont.

Varying-slope model


The Stata examples used are from;

Multilevel Analysis
(ver. 1.0)
Oscar Torres-Reyna
Data Consultant

Full permission were given and the rights for contents used in my tabs are owned by;

Introduction to SAS.  UCLA: Statistical Consulting Group. 
from July 19, 2014).


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