UC 1010

The Marriott Library Website

The Marriott Library home page is:  www.lib.utah.edu


In order to access the library's webpage, go to:  

You will see that there are THREE areas on the image that are the focus of this lesson:

(1)  Off-campus Access--Log In

      You should make it a practice to log in to the library home page each time you intend to conduct research.  This LOG IN allows you to access all of the electronic resources the University of Utah Libraries offer to students, faculty and staff.

(2)  USearch

       USearch is the University of Utah's library catalog, which means that you can search for ALL the materials (books, journals, maps, CDs, DVDs, musical scores, etc.) that the University of Utah libraries either OWN or have ACCESS to in PRINT or ELECTRONIC formats.  

(3)  Research Databases

      Research databases are where you will find ARTICLES from PERIODICALS (e.g., magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.).  Databases can be general in focus, but the majority of them will be specific to a discipline, subject or profession.  The articles you will find will be from POPULAR PRESS (like from magazines and newspapers) and from PEER-REVIEWED (also called "refereed" or "scholarly/academic") journals.  You can search for databases that are appropriate to the scope of your coursework under this tab on the webpage.  You will also learn more about popular press and peer-reviewed articles in the section, "Evaluating Information:  The CRAAP Test & Popular vs. Scholarly Sources" in the last video on the page titled, "Popular versus Scholarly Sources."


Learn all about the features of USearch on the next tab, "Research in the Library," entitled, "USearch (The Library Catalog)".  Then, under "Research in the Library:: Research Databases," watch the video about which databases you can use in your research for general searches AND your major, as well as a basic introduction to using the general information research database, Academic Search Premier.

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