UC 1010

Choosing the Appropriate Database

This video tutorial will show you:

  1. How to log in to the library in order to access the electronic resources,
  2. The ways you can find the appropriate database for your research purposes, and
  3. The options available for general databases, as well as those in your major (communication, psychology, public health, or social work).

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are how we combine concepts (or terminology) in research databases.  Since academic research databases do not behave like Google, Yahoo, or any other open-web search engine, we must learn a different way to search, specifically using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT in the context of Vinn diagrams).  The operators allow us to combine terms in a simplistic way to get closer to the information we want.  We cannot type in entire questions into a database query.  Unless this entire question has been asked before, exactly in the way you have phrased it, the database will respond with "no search results matched your terms."  

There is both a video (from LMU Life Sciences Library) and a PDF file developed my Marriott Librarian, Alfred Mowdood, in this section to help you understand how to use Boolean Operators within library resources and research databases.

Basic Searching in Academic Search Premier

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